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Kudos Research has a great pedigree in online surveys and we are expert in designing, programming and hosting html surveys.

We know that we're competing for respondents' attention in the online space, and set great store in making our surveys as engaging and dynamic as possible. This has the double benefit of maximising response rates, whilst improving data quality as respondents are more deeply engaged in the survey experience.

Our services include all elements of online surveying - questionnaire optimisation, sample sourcing, translation, programming, hosting, data capture, online reporting and survey management.

Aesthetic and functional excellence are ensured by a suite of online survey tools developed by our in-house CAWI team including drag and drop; sortable lists; slider-based ratings; multi-media content including interactive video streaming; plus top line reporting. We design and programme online Max-diff and Trade-off exercises. Online survey functions are fully customisable to meet your requirements and preferences.

Handheld devices have become one of the preferred methods for respondents to complete online surveys. Our online surveys are in most cases compatible with portable devices such as smartphones and tablets.

We can offer the capability of conducting online and CATI interviewing using the same survey set up, with a minimum of text adaptation, thereby potentially saving both time and money. Clients on occasion use this option to fulfil difficult quotas or to top up project datasets. We are able to run web surveys seamlessly in tandem with CATI surveys and deliver data in one combined data set.

All online questionnaire review, scripting, hosting, DP, emailing and translations are conducted and managed in-house at Kudos Research.

All our online projects benefited from the input of our Quality Assurance Team, providing advice on questionnaire structure, wording and look and feel of the survey to facilitate smooth-running of fieldwork and striving for the highest-possible quality of fieldwork and of data.  The department is headed by Ann-Marie Greensmith who started her market research career as a Research Executive and Project Manager for Research Solutions Ltd, Ann-Marie then migrated to telephone operations and data collection where she assumed a number of different roles, including: questionnaire structure, logic and semantics design, project management, quality control monitoring and interviewer training, complex quota algorithms and analysis, data analysis, report writing.

Ann-Marie and her team ensure that finalised questionnaires are thoroughly checked and data collected is validated in line with IQCS, The codes of conduct of the MRS and ESOMAR and ISO20252 standards.

Employee Research

Employee research on behalf of a global technology company listed on the London Stock Exchange.
Participating employees’ feedback was critical to our client’s business.
The results provided them with an assessment of the ways in which they could be working to improve their services to their employees and their business partners.  Employees’ feedback directly influenced our client’s direction and future plans.
We conducted 2500 interviews online across all markets in German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and French speaking countries.

Business Partner Survey

A business partner survey on behalf of one of UK's premier international airport
As part of our client’s objective of making every journey better, the airport wished to understand how its airline business partners feel about their day to day operational performance. This feedback helped them to ensure that it is best delivering against each airline business partners’ needs.
We set up and hosted the survey at Kudos Research and to achieve brand recognition we mirrored the look and feel of the client website.
The client was particularly impressed with our approach to quality and data consistency.  This project has been running for several years.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

An online survey on behalf of one of the UK's leading delivery company operating globally.
We received around 20,000 client customer contacts. We regularly work with this client conducting online and CATI surveys. We achieved a 15% completion rate online on this survey. Some clients want us to utilise our in-house call centre to conduct additional reminder calls or to specifically targets quotas. This was not required as we already surpassed the goal of 12-13% completion rate.

Market Sizing Survey

A market sizing survey where we were conducting around 200 interviews with small to medium sized companies in the UK.
We were commissioned by a full service research house to set up the survey, conduct the data collection and provide full DP (tables, coding, SPSS).
We were conducting research on behalf of an international company who are entering the UK Market. This company was offering an app based service to help small and medium sized businesses dealing with their accounts.
Initially we proposed a CATI solution but because the budget was so small we developed a solution which met the requirements of the end client and gave them in-depth inside into participants’ views and perceptions of their product in development.
For this project we worked together with a trusted panel company. It was a challenging project which we completed successfully and the client was very happy with the results.
Their feedback was: ‘Loved working with Kudos’ project manager, it was an incredibly tough project made much easier by his pragmatism and good humour.’


If you would like to discuss your research needs and aims - for advice or for a no-obligation quote - please get in touch:

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We have really enjoyed working with the Kudos Team.  The relationship is all we could ask for and more. We trust you to deliver. You think through things and made recommendations for improvements. Flexibility. Prompt replies. You understand what we need.
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If you would like to discuss your research needs and aims - for advice or for a no-obligation quote - please get in touch:

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