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Business to business research is our speciality and we have almost 30 years’ experience in this field. The key to success in interviewing businesses is skill, knowledge and engagement. This is particularly the case when it comes to interviewing hard to reach respondents.

With our experience and level of know-how we are able to advice you on all aspects of B2B research right from the start. We are always willing to advice on sample, questionnaire and fieldwork approach. You are invited to use our expertise to win the job and get the most from your research.

Our Head of Quality Assurance will support you in making sure that questionnaires and screeners are fit for purpose. They are also an expert when it comes to data protection rules and will advise you on potential pitfalls.


Kudos is able to help you with all forms of B2B research and data collection. We offer straightforward fully structured surveys calling into businesses to collect opinion data about relevant products or services amongst junior/middle management participants, through to much more specialised and strategy-centred business topics where we interview senior managers and board level directors of large national and multi-national companies.

We have a highly experienced, specialist team of professional interviewers, who are expert in conducting high profile research with hard to reach C-Suite respondents and Key Decision Maker respondents within global multi-nationals, as well as with stakeholder audiences such as leading Opinion Formers, Policy Makers/Influencers, Media representatives, Academics, Brokers and Specialists.

Kudos’ interviewers are well educated, highly articulate and engaged with their research topics. They have the experience and life skills to hold credible peer-to-peer conversations with senior business professionals across a variety of sectors, acting as excellent ambassadors on behalf of our clients.

Most of our core team executives have been with Kudos for a number of years and where appropriate we maintain a high level of continuity, with interviewers working on some clients’ projects year on year.

We are able to achieve excellent response rates with limited sample universes. Interviewers ensure their approach is both targeted and effective by researching companies and respondents online prior to telephone contact and where appropriate ahead of conducting an appointed interview.

Our B2B interviewers create a positive experience, by means of:
• Fluency in native language and dialect
• Proven business interviewing skills
• Expert engagement with your target audience
• Extensive customer satisfaction expertise
• Intelligent interface for respondents
• High level of articulacy
• Elicitation of rich, meaningful open-responses
• Maturity, life experience and local market knowledge

Annual CEO Agenda Study

A study on behalf of one of the Big 4 global consulting organisations, the research audience consists of CEOs in the largest private and publicly listed companies in North America, West and Eastern Europe including Turkey, and Asia. The interview length is 35 minutes and we speak to 350 CEOs about their vision for the future and topics affecting the global business community. Additionally the research aims to understand how CEOs perceive risks and opportunities through such changeable times, while simultaneously building their companies so that they endure and succeed over the longer term. The results of this research form part of an annual presentation at the World Economic Forum at Davos.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A 25 minute CATI study conducted on behalf of another of the ‘Big 4’ accountancy firms. The research was aimed at examining approaches to post-deal management in corporate mergers and acquisitions, focusing their experience of managing and monitoring a specific acquisition. Sample was client supplied– and comprised companies who had deal sizes between 2005 and 2007 of over $100 million, to up to $40 billion. Out of a sample of 638 we achieved 119 interviews.

Abu Dhabi Research

On behalf of our client we are conducting a study into perceptions of global cities with senior business people and a selection of opinion formers. The objectives of the study were to find out:

  • How easy is it to do business or start up a business in Abu Dhabi?
  • What constitutes an attractive location (global city) in which to live, work, invest and do business,
  • The government’s role in making global cities more attractive
  • What are credible sources for news on international current affairs, politics and business
  • General media credibility in respondent’s market
  • Level of respondent’s indirect and direct contact with the government asked about in the survey, and quality of the government’s communications

The questionnaire was a semi-structured 30 minute interview (30 minutes, 70% structured/30% unstructured) We completed 742 interviews across: USA, UK, Europe, Serbia, Brazil, Middle East, Russia and Kazakhstan, China, SE Asia, India and Pakistan.

Individual market quotas were spread over a range of audiences: 50% Businesses, 9% Media, 9% Commentators, 9% NGOs, 9% Think Tanks, 9% Government and 5% Super-Connectors.

Private Equity Performance and Reputation Study

A global study we conduct on behalf leading Private Equity firms in the US, Europe and Asia, in which senior investment and company executives are asked to evaluate the reputation of Private Equity firms worldwide.

The study concerns a specific type of private equity – particularly firms that are involved in buyouts and growth equity funding of established businesses, rather than those purely involved in providing venture capital funding to early stage businesses.

The main interview is on CATI, but for Investors there is an additional element of the study which we will encourage them to complete online, via a link that we emailed to them at the end of the interview.

The study is annual and last wave we conducted 307 interviews with a cross-section of investors, corporate executives, transaction intermediaries, and other influencers.


If you would like to discuss your research needs and aims - for advice or for a no-obligation quote - please get in touch:

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Kudos did fantastic work on this study with timely fieldwork progress updates, strong attention to detail, and very clear responses / survey design comments - I wish I could use Kudos for every project!

I have had excellent service and quality from Kudos since I first started working with Efisio and the team. You are my first port of call for b2b or customer research as you understand how to be ambassadors for the Jigsaw brand and our client brands during the research process.
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If you would like to discuss your research needs and aims - for advice or for a no-obligation quote - please get in touch:

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